Years of applying only chemical fertilizers has left most farmland:

  • biologically challenged - low microbial count which leads to nutrient deficiency
  • anemic 
  • chemically and ph un-balanced
  • compacted
  • usually high in nitrate and phosphates

SuperCal SO4 can help "WITH THE FIRST APPLICATION" because:

Humic SO4 can help "WITH THE FIRST APPLICATION" because:

Farms Choice poultry manure can help:

  • increase organic matter
  • supply many macro and micro-nutrients eg potassium, phosphoric acid,zinc,copper,etc
  • be a long term supply of nutrients as it slowly breaks down. Particularly for nitrogen
  • Better soil biology

Better soil biology promotes better plant health. Better plant health promotes better pest and disease resistance - NATURALLY. Better everything promotes increased yields, better produce, higher profits$$$.

 SuperCal SO4 gypsum and SuperCal Humic SO4  and manures can go a long way in making the change a reality. 

Applying SuperCal SO4 or Humic SO4 is not so much a fertilizer expense as it is an "INVESTMENT" in your land.

Get manures anywhere you can. For manures that you can get in quantities - Chicken manure is the best, steer manure 2nd and horse manure is way down the line.

We are a dealer for Farms Choice because it's

  • top of list of manures
  • available in large quantities
  • available in pelleted form so it's easy to spread mechanically
  • also available in bulk dry form if you have a manure spreader
  • OMRI listed

About Plant & Soil Organics, Llc

Providing farmers with a source for natural fertilizers that increase yields, brings life back into the soil, and increases nutrient value and flavor in feeds and vegetables.


22 tons will treat 145 - 220 acres depending on soil analysis

SUPERCAL SO4 and SUPERCAL HUMIC SO4  will more than pay for themselves which means money in your pocket.

Test it on the worst fieldyou have if your unsure about the outcome.

Here are some feed back from farmers who use it.

  • "I've been trying everything to get something to grow on this one field. This is the first crop I've harvested from there in years." (This was about a 20 acre field that had gone sodic ) Lemitar, NM
  • "The first thing I noticed was how much better the soil worked when I plowed. Before the soil was tight and it clodded real bad." Moriarty, NM
  • " This field had so much clay it took up to two days for the water to soak in and that caused it be high in bi-carbonates and stunted everything I planted. After a 600 lb application of SO4 the water soaks in in about 6 hours." Los Lunas, NM.
  • "My relative forage value numbers in my alfalfa went way up." Albuquerque, NM
  • "I put SO4 down on some Sudan I planted. I'm pretty sure it helped my tonnage but one thing I am certain of is my cattle cleaned that feed up real good." Socorro, NM 



 I personally paid for a leaf analysis test on a test strip of green chili for SECO SPICE in Berino, NM. The plants with SO4 applied had "twice" the nutrient value as the ones without. Everything else being equal eg their regular fertilizer program. There did not however, seem to be a noticeable difference in yield according to the farm manager. He did say it is difficult to determine since they go through harvesting multiple times.